Case Studies


Time and Attendance Software Solutions for Banking

Banks Capitalize on Attendance Enterprise Data Online

With distributed employees across locations and even states, banks need to be able to quickly summarize and analyze employee information to make staffing, scheduling and leave management decisions. Wage, overtime and vacation-use reports are also critical.

Using a streamlined system like Attendance Enterprise saves supervisors the time of trying to gather, collate and send this information using less efficient methods like paper timesheets and fax machines.

National Banking Center Accesses Real-Time Data for 16 Regional Locations

Supervisors at one banking center compiled employee payroll information manually for 16 regional centers. By the time the information was compiled for decision makers by the administrative manager, it was outdated. It took careful analysis to reveal individual employee attendance trends, such as if an employee always taking the Friday off before taking a sick day on Monday. Monitor Company Policies

With Attendance Enterprise, regional bank managers use real-time information to enforce overtime, sick, holiday and vacation policies. Attendance policies, like the tardy policy, are also easy to enforce. One administrative manager explains, “Instead of relying on me to pull together outdated summary reports, supervisors at each location get the current picture of employee attendance themselves, as needed.” Simplify Payroll

End-of-pay-period totals are sent to a payroll vendor without human intervention. The manager concludes, “Attendance Enterprise frees me from printing and faxing weekly punch detail reports, manual editing, and overtime, holiday and sick report generation. The banking institution is better able to manage our greatest resource—our employees.”


School Districts Become More Efficient to Counter Budget Cutbacks

The demands put on schools are increasing. A recent study noted total U.S. public and private elementary and secondary school enrollment has topped 54 million, while rising immigration and the baby boom echo are expected to boost national K–12 enrollment another five percent by the year 2013. The search is on to find effective ways to control costs. Control Costs through Effective Payroll Data Collection

Attendance Enterprise reduces wasted effort and costs associated with assembling payroll data. This software automates the manual, error-prone processes that burden educational institutions and school districts—taking the cost out of tracking employee time and attendance data. Attendance Enterprise Offers Functional, Accurate Information

Attendance Enterprise gives educators

  • Web-based information for distributed employees and management
  • multiple data collection options
  • A flexible way to calculate accrued time-off hours, overtime, shift pay and other union-mandated rules
  • Tools to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Scheduling, data collection, reporting and time card calculations for diverse groups of employees

Ease of Installation, Integration

Not only is Attendance Enterprise an industry-leading solution, installing Attendance Enterprise does not burden education IT resources. Attendance Enterprise rolls out quickly and easily through centralized distribution, a flexible backend database solution and an intuitive interface. School district payroll and HR departments streamline their processing with Attendance Enterprise, as it seamlessly integrates with existing HR software.


Healthcare Management Company Halves the Time Spent Preparing for Payroll

In past years, managers and payroll clerks at a multi-site kidney dialysis operation spent days calculating payroll at just one of many kidney dialysis treatment centers due to shift differentials and other premium pay calculations. Duplicate data entry and numerous manual reviews added time and the possibility for error to the process. Employee Attendance Monitored

Using Attendance Enterprise, managers can now create schedules efficiently. The software automatically totals scheduled hours, calculates scheduled labor expense, and figures headcount coverage for each hour of the day.

Attendance Enterprise automatically flags times when employees do not work to schedule—letting managers address attendance issues before they become performance problems. Employee time and attendance data is instantly available for evaluation or government reporting. Increased Accuracy, Increased Confidence

After switching to Attendance Enterprise, it takes hours, not days, to prepare payroll for 3,000 employees at several kidney dialysis treatment centers. Payroll accuracy is significantly improved. Employees and management have confidence that employee wage information is fairly and accurately processed. What was once a complex data collection process has now been simplified with Attendance Enterprise.


Time and Attendance Software Solutions for Hospitality

Hospitality Industry Systematizes Timekeeping

When your business is entertaining others, the last thing you need is to spend more time than necessary timekeeping for employees. Our hospitality industry customers find that Attendance Enterprise lessens the amount of time needed to prepare for payroll. Attendance Enterprise also eliminates the temptation for employees to punch in for their coworkers.

InfoTronics Time and Attendance System Solves Key Challenges Faced by a Privately Held Hospitality Management Company

A company that owns and operates hotels in several Midwestern states had trouble with employees punching in for their friends. Additionally, the company policy for rounding start and end times was not being correctly enforced. After Attendance Enterprise and a HandPunch time clock were installed, buddy punching was eliminated and rounding was applied accurately.

Biometric Time Clock Eliminates Buddy Punching

Now each hotel employee places a hand upon the biometric data collection device located in a common area at their hotel to punch In. The HandPunch recognizes the unique shape of each employee’s hand to punch him or her In or Out. This eliminates the potential for employee “buddy punching” using traditional time clocks.

Punch Rounding Rules Easily Implemented

Attendance Enterprise eliminates rounding errors. The hospitality management company’s policy for rounding start and end times is automatically implemented and consistently applied throughout the 10 hotels. The company’s pay rules are enforced fairly and impartially, and employees and management are confident that paychecks reflect actual work being done.

The hospitality company states, “InfoTronics gives us the ability to better control labor costs—a significant achievement given that cost of labor is the largest expense faced by our company.”


Retail Grocer Decreases Time to Prepare Payroll

Retail grocer eliminates error-prone processes with Attendance Enterprise Manual Time Cards Caused Big Problems

When Pelion IGA supermarket tracked employee time and attendance data with paper time cards and punch clocks, the payroll administrator manually reviewed over 65 punch cards for missed punches, tracked down misplaced cards and missing information , and then re-keyed that information into a manual spreadsheet. According to store owner Frank Shumpert, not only was this a time-intensive process— accuracy was also a concern. “We had to consider that any time financial information is handled manually, there is the potential for a missed key stroke or a transposed number. This had the potential to compromise accuracy of our payroll totals.” Need for Accurate, Accessible Archives

Another issue was maintaining accurate employee archive records. Explains Russel Stansell, store manager, “In past years, it was a problem to search through the drawers of time cards for federal or state unemployment reporting. This was a challenge for us when an issue would arise with a current or former employee.” Improved Pay Period Processes and Historical Reporting

The store now benefits from a more efficient and accurate process. With Attendance Enterprise, the Pelion IGA totally eliminated the manual assembly of employee time and attendance each pay period. “We don’t have to suffer through the manual data-entry each week, and accuracy is no longer a concern,” notes Shumpert.

Attendance Enterprise also maintains historical records of attendance and pay in the form of electronic time card archives. Detailed historical reporting is indispensable for wage and hour claims, and other legal inquiries. As Frank Shumpert explains, “Automating this process frees us up to handle more meaningful tasks. Payroll is completed faster than before, and we look forward to tapping into other features.”