Maxxess – InSite

Event Response Management and Collaboration Solutions

Helping Organizations Coordinate their Response to Unplanned Events Innovative SaaS solutions from Maxxess are implemented around the world in a diverse set of industries. The systems are primarily designed to handle critical unplanned events such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, and workplace violence. They also excel at supporting organizational responses to a wide range of less critical events that can affect employee, customer, and visitor safety. They capture a wealth of information on a daily basis that can be used to improve operational efficiency and help management staff notice developing situations that can be managed before they grow into larger, more costly problems. Here are some examples of industry-specific solutions that make use of InSite’s unique combination of “systems intelligence” and “human intelligence” to better detect and respond to unfolding events in real time. Maxxess InSite security management software integrates with other security systems