Parker Technology

Parker Technology is a services and software company that helps parking facilities provide their customers with a premium experience, by supporting issue resolution at their automated kiosks.

Our patient, knowledgeable customer service specialists answer and resolve intercom calls 24/7.

We are the only company in the parking industry that delivers face-to-face, two-way video communication.

Adding this personal touch to your automation enhances customer experience, provides metrics to improve operational efficiencies, and increases successful payments and outcomes.

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Benefits for you, your customers and your team:

• The Parking Customer: We exist to provide your parking guests with a better parking experience.

• The Manager: We help you collect revenue and make better decisions based on the data we provide.

• The Staff: We free up your staff to do other, higher-priority tasks, reducing interruptions and distractions.

Downloadable Resources:

Customer Service Platform White Paper

The Parker Technology Solution