Park Assist – Parking Guidance

Parking Guidance Systems from Park Assist. A camera based parking guidance system from Park Assist serves to reduce frustration for your parkers while providing a high tech experience.

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Park Assist is a price sensitive manufacturer and provider of parking guidance system technology that competes with ultrasonic and other camera-based solutions with superior advanced technology. Park Assist systems drive greater performance, increased revenue, better efficiency, increased security, safety, an elevated parker experience and ROI. Our systems help to provide vehicle information to the operator in both parking garages and outdoor car parks. The markets we help include shopping and retail centers, mixed use facilities, airports, hospitals, casino and gaming facilities, colleges and universities, corporate campuses, citywide guidance, architects, consultants, engineers and parking system integrators.

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The insight and control you need to heighten efficiency and profitability.

     *   create new revenue opportunities
     *   enhance safety and security site-wide
     *   streamline costs through operational efficiencies
     *   maximize performance and profitability