Nwave – Universities


With the growth of education availability and enrollment, management of on-campus parking assets gets more and more demanding. Operators search for ways to segment traffic, fight spotty parking and generate revenues from underused lots. Meanwhile, municipalities are urging universities to search for ways to reduce traffic congestion nearby. Given these circumstances, the need for a smart parking solution is urgent. Nwave’s revolutionary wireless vehicle detection system is the ultimate answer to higher education institutions’ parking challenges that have not been addressed for decades.


Nwave parking space detection sensors generate data on each and every vacant spot in real time. This information is available to drivers via integrated mobile apps and/or digital signage. The technology offers opportunities for grouping the traffic into faculty, staff, students and visitors.


By guiding traffic directly to vacant spots, Nwave’s parking space monitoring system minimizes the amount of time drivers spend circling around. This significantly reduces the volume of car exhaust emissions and unnecessary fuel waste.


Our solution allows analyzing parking data collected over time and creating pricing policies based on it. This not only maximizes revenue but also allows providing drivers with different pricing options, encouraging them to switch to bicycles, electric cars and carpooling.