Indect – Parking Guidance

INDECT leads the industry by offering the most complete line-up of parking guidance system solutions. From single space sensors and IP-65+ rated custom signage to software and parking apps, INDECT will help you improve your customers parking experience, while optimizing your parking garage occupancy.

Parking Guidance System Space Indicators

Show Whether A Space Is Occupied Or Open.
The Integrated RGB LED allows indication of special parking spaces (e.g. ADA, expectant mother, reserved, etc.) through clearly definable colors. Customers can now truly park faster as the system is proven to assist them in a more efficient manner.

SIex – External Space Indicator Parking Guidance System

With INDECT’s Upsolut camera based multi-function parking sensor, you have complete control of your parking management system. UPSOLUT’s built-in parking enhancement features will help you increase your parking capacity to 100%, track vehicles of interest, monitor customers, provide detailed parking statistics, and maximize your parking revenues.

Surface Mounted Sensors [USA only]
INDECT’s surface mounted induction pads are electromagnetic vehicle detection sensors. The pads are constructed of high-durability, UV-stable rubber. This protective mat allows the loops to be laid directly onto a pavement surface as a single unit..