About Us

Associated Time & Parking Controls is a leading supplier of Workforce Management Systems, Parking and Revenue Control Equipment, and Access Control Systems. Our company is a leader in all of our markets, we distinguish ourselves by providing superior products, expert consulting and engineering, quality installations, comprehensive support, and professional services. Associated Time & Parking Controls provides both standard software products and custom software solutions, we have consistently provided modern and effective solutions to our customers during the past 60 years!

Over 60 Year of Experience!

Associated Time & Parking Controls has been selling, installing and servicing sophisticated solutions to a wide variety of businesses throughout the State of Texas since 1953. We maintain offices in Dallas, Houston, Austin, New Orleans and Brea, CA. We employ knowledgeable and proficient project managers to install our products and to thoroughly train our customers on various applications.

Our primary business includes new equipment sales, software sales, supplies, service, maintenance, and installation of:

We represent some of the most advanced suppliers of these systems in the primary markets that we serve. One of many of our primary suppliers is InfoTronics Time and Attendance Systems. These systems are designed and integrated by us to fit your exact needs, maximize your operational performance, minimize down time and provide you with the most cost effective solution available.

Associated Time & Parking Controls has been committed to providing it’s customers with the most advanced solution available in the primary markets it serves, backed by an uncompromising drive to ensure customer service and support to establish long term relationships with our customers. This company philosophy will be the milestone that establishes your criteria on why you will do business with Associated Time & Parking Controls as the least risk vendor in supplying sophisticated parking revenue, Time and Attendance, access control, and data collection solutions.