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OPUS-7700 Pay-on-Foot Central Pay Station

opus-7700The OPUS-7700 Series Pay-in-Lane Exit Station was designed for flexibility and ease of use in any facility. The fully functional, touch screen controlled device is the perfect solution for 24/7 unattended operations.

The Pay-in-Lane Exit Station processes encrypted 2D data matrix barcode tickets from the OPUS-2000/2700 Series Entry Terminals.




AMG-7800 Pay-on-Foot Central Pay Station


Amano AMG-7800 automatic Central Pay Station (CPS) is designed as a fast pay-processing unit and is perfect for large-scale 24-hour operations. A large easy-to-read 15-inch flat panel color display and lighted guidance system leads users through easy-to-follow transactions enhanced with screen prompts and voice announcements. Transactions are faster and easier for the user—virtually eliminating long lines and delays.

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AGP-5200 Fee Computer & Validator

The AGP-5200 Series Fee Computer and AGP-5600 Series Validator perform automatic parking fee calculations. Multiple fee computers and validators may be utilized in conjunction with the AMG Series Entry Stations and ETP Series Ticket Dispenser for a complete online parking revenue control system.

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AMG-1700 Series Revenue Parking Gate


Amano McGann’s AMG-1700 Series Revenue Parking Gate is designed to meet all your parking control needs. The microprocessor-basedlogic and functionality provides the ultimate in reliability, performance, and safety, as well as the flexibility to accommodate four different modes of operation.


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AMG-2000 Series Entry Station

4300The AMG-2000 Series Entry Station is designed for multiple uses, typically at the unattended entrances of a parking facility. The AMG-2010 Series Entry Station dispenses a mag-stripe parking ticket. The AMG-2050 Series Entry Station adds access cards and credit card functionality such as ticket in/credit card out, and credit card in/credit card out when used with an AMG-6050 Series Exit Station.

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AMG-4000 Series Exit Station with Optional Barcode Matrix Scanner

4300The AMG-4000 Series Exit Station is designed for multiple uses, typically at the unattended exits of a parking facility. The exit station accepts entry tickets and validation coupons, calculates parking fees, accepts and processes credit cards and issues receipts. The integrated FlexScan QR400 extends the functionality of the standard exit station adding the capability to scan linear and QR barcodes. Credentials can be scanned from various printed and electronic media formats including paper, event tickets, ID badges and smartphones. Utilize the iConnect ® Interface tool for custom integration with your IT operation. Control the process all the way to the lane.

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AR-100 Automatic Electronic Encoder for Store Validations


Amano Cincinnati’s AR-100 Automatic Encoder allows you to attract more customers by offering time, fee and/or percentage discounts for parking at your facility, and rate-switchover for valet and special events. The AR-100 is also compact, automatic and easy to use.


Features & Benefits:

  • Accomodates up to 31 stores
  • Optional logo stamp for store identifications
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Device will reject the ticket if inserted incorrectly or already encoded with a store number
  • Validations appear on Pay Station / Fee Computer reports
  • Reports generated by AGP-5200 Series Fee Computer

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Amano M3 Parking Guidance System

M3The M³ Parking Guidance System allows for advanced facility control and enhanced customer experience. M³ takes parking guidance to the next level by incorporating the use of high resolution digital cameras, LED indicators and license plate technology. Easily designate handicapped accessible, preferential or reserved parking with customizable LED’s. Real-time parking sensors provide visibility to unoccupied parking spaces, directing customers to park in 50% less time.

The innovative Find Your Car solution makes locating vehicles a snap. Patrons can quickly locate their vehicle through the use of an Amano McGann pay station, intuitive kiosk, or smartphone application.

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License Plate Inventory (LPI) System

LPI_inUsewebEnsure Maximum Revenue Control with LPI. Now it’s easier than ever to guarantee proper parking fee calculation and prevent illegal use of tickets with Amano Cincinnati’s License Plate Inventory (LPI) System, which tracks vehicle entry by license plate number and parking ticket. This reliable and easy-to-use System seamlessly integrates our AGP-5200 series Fee Computer with a host computer and provides a quick reference for vehicle location and date of entry. And like all of our Parking System Products, the License Plate Inventory System is backed by our experience in developing products that increase your profitability.

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 Revenue Management

Maintain tight revenue control and increase your audit capability with McGann Professional Revenue Management. It lets you view transactions, program revenue devices, monitor alarms, and track tickets. And it interfaces with both new or existing parking devices.

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Access Control

McGann Professional Access Control … designed to meet the unique requirements of parking facility access … with a depth of features and options you just won’t find anywhere else. We’ve simplified programming, enhanced the parker database and increased flexibility to make the system even more powerful.

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Count and Monitoring

McGann is the leader in count management solutions. We’ve enhanced our proven solutions, which accurately display and monitor space management statistics. It interfaces with nearly any new or existing lane equipment.

The system displays both differential counts and non-resettable transaction counts. It monitors and stores real-time activity, provides remote control of devices and displays alarm messages.

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Interactive Facility Mapping

Interactive Facility Mapping provides an overhead view of your facility and gives you single-point control over it. You see all activity as it happens. You can control devices just by clicking on the image.

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Debit Access Control

Protect parking revenues and enhance customer satisfaction with McGann Professional Debit Card Access … a secure and convenient alternative to traditional cash transactions. Debit card patrons enter and exit at unattended lanes … no ticket or cash required. The system automatically calculates parking fees and debits cardholder accounts based upon sophisticated variable rates or flat fees. And programmable access schedules let you decide hours and days of operation.

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PDA Management

It’s the wireless way for mobile users to get mission-critical parking information … from any location … quickly and easily.

Complete parking facility information is now available any time … anywhere. And it’s accessed from your mobile phone or wireless Palm handheld. i-CLIENT provides the tools to manage your complete parking facilities with mobility in mind. Accessing real-time information improves operational efficiency …. and leads to better decisions.

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Web Applications

McGann lowers Total Cost of Ownership in medium to large facilities that need many eyes on the operation of the parking facilities by providing parking management software and licensing that runs in an Internet Explorer web-browser. That way, the McGann Client software can be installed and managed on one server — nothing additional needs to be installed on the user’s desktop. Terminal Services, a standard component of the Microsoft Windows Server operating system, provides a solid back-end for this function. It is safe, secure and easily managed both for the parking manager and for the information technologist — a true win-win for the entire organization.

Shared Accounts

Here’s an innovative way to manage valuable space in your parking facility. Issue access cards to a group of contract parkers and set an occupancy limit. When the group reaches their limit, all other cards in the group are automatically locked out. When occupancy drops below the threshold the system lets additional cardholders in again. The system supports carpools, individuals with multiple cards, or group accounts with specific occupancy limits.

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Integrated Accounts Receivables

From the innovator in Integrated Accounts Receivable solutions. McGann Professional Integrated Accounts Receivable is now even better. McGann Professional lets you set late fees by account, by a dollar amount, and/or a percentage of outstanding charges.

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Hotel – Valet Software

HotelTerminalGive your parking patrons first-rate valet service and optimize Revenue Control with McGann Professional Valet cashiering terminal.

The system provides automated cashiering, fee calculation, ticket tracking, revenue reporting, and optional valet monitoring. Economical barcode technology enables fast ticket processing minimizing entry queues. And the compact touch-screen workstation with programmable default rates, flat fees, and validation codes ensures efficient and accurate transaction processing.

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University Solutions

McGann has the answers to accommodate the many parking needs in the University campus environment. Whether it is permit, employee, student or preferred parking for the chancellor or president, we’ve got solutions. We can provide our standard enterprise-level products, make modifications to these products, or even create a custom application precisely suited to the unique needs of an individual campus. Contact McGann’s University specialists to help deliver a solution from design through testing, implementation and unequalled support.

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Credit Card Solutions

ExpressParc is an ideal way to create cashier-less express lanes. It reads the entrance ticket, calculates the fee, reads the credit card and processes payment. Then it provides a receipt for your patron and vends the gate.

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Lease Rate Solutions

It’s an exciting new way to integrate and secure parking rates. Lease Rate Management provides total convenience in setting up complex lease contracts. Rate increases can’t be forgotten or late because they’re preprogrammed. The system automatically adjusts rates based on renewal date and rate increase dates to match lease agreements.

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McGann Business Alerts

Here’s an innovative way to stay at the forefront of information reporting technology. MBAs send preprogrammed reports, alarms and statistics to your PC or wireless PDA. Even when you’re mobile, you can monitor facility occupancy, attendant efficiency, daily revenue, alarm conditions and more.

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Variable Sign Messages

Maximize your parking system investment with VMS integration and way-finding solutions. The system provides real-time count status and helpful instructions to patrons.

VMS software improves space utilization, reports traffic conditions, recommends routes, presents alternative parking for special events and communicates general instructions and messages.

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Event Parking


McGann Wireless Event Parking System sets the standard for managing pay-at-entry parking operations. The McGann system is designed for speed and ease of use – utilizing rugged wireless handheld unit with integrated touch-screen, magnetic stripe card reader, and barcode scanner for fast transaction processing at the entry lane. The system supports multiple payment options including cash, credit card, discount tickets, and pre-sold event passes (for VIP’s, vendors, exhibit attendees), and it accommodates same day in/out privileges.

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