Digital Payment Tech.

Digital Payment is continually focused on advancing its technology and service to deliver parking solutions that make life easier for parkers, operators, universities, and municipalities. With both on-street and off-street parking solutions, we can address the needs of an operator with a single parking lot to a large municipality seeking to address a range of both on and off-street parking challenges.

Highlights of our parking solutions include:

A patented on-street electronic parking meter design that is a “retro-inspired, contemporary design” that is instantly recognizable as parking related.

  • A full featured web based remote management system
  • Proactive email, pager, and cell phone alarming for repair and maintenance conditions
  • Complete reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Integration with third party custom card providers like Blackboard for campus card applications
  • Remote update of rate and configuration information
  • Networked functionality through hardwired, wireless, and cellular communications technologies
  • Multi-lingual messaging – including non-roman characters
  • Parking pay-by-cell-phone integration
  • Integration with Campus Card systems such as Blackboard, TotalCard and NuVision


Luke II Payment Station


Public and private parking operators are realizing the benefits of multi-space pay stations: increased revenue, reduced operational costs, and superior customer service, to name just a few. Consumers also enjoy the added convenience, diverse payment options, and ease of use provided by pay stations. LUKE II is a highly secure, flexible parking pay station suitable for on- and off-street deployments. LUKE II fulfills customer service expectations and delivers superior performance and significant contributions to operators’ top and bottom line.

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Digital Iris: Superior Multi-space Intelligence

Operations Management
Full operational insight into data and trends using data visualization
Over 90 available metrics with over 6,000 widget combinations including paid occupancy, utilization, and turnover
Unified corporate dashboard supporting multiple branch operations
Intuitive mapping to easily locate your pay stations and see real-time status alerts
Configurable widgets to track the most important metrics in your operation

  • Real-time reporting
  • Remote monitoring and alarming
  • Remote Payment Station configuring
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Real-time Blackboard transaction processing
  • Online coupons
  • Integration with Verrus Cell Phone Parking

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Manage the service directly through Digital Iris, the same system used for managing pay stations. Easily configure rates, policies, and fees.
It works with Pay-by-Space and Pay-by-License Plate.
Pay for parking at the pay station using a credit card.
Enter mobile phone number when prompted.
Receive a reminder text message when parking is about to expire.
Send a reply message with the amount of additional time needed.
Receive a confirmation message indicating parking session has been extended.