Parking Controls

Since 1953, Associated Time & Parking Controls has been committed to providing our customers with the most advanced time and attendance, parking and revenue, and access control solutions available, backed by an uncompromising drive to ensure customer service and support to establish long term relationships with our customers. This company philosophy will be the milestone that establishes your criteria on why you will do business with Associated Time & Parking Controls as the least risk vendor in supplying sophisticated Workforce Management Systems, Parking & Revenue Control, Access Control, and Data collection solutions.

Associated Time & Parking Controls will be the equipment supplier, systems integrator, provide the system training, service and support, and system maintenance for your project.

Associated Time & Parking Controls provides superior support and service for the life of the systems we install. We offer on-site support and remote software support through our on-line help desk, our Internet Web Site, as well as via VPN connections using our T1 lines. This enables us to provide “hands-on” service with just one phone call. We have qualified service representatives available seven days a week to discuss and respond to service problems. Our technicians are equipped to ensure a prompt response to our customer’s needs. Associated Time & Parking Controls history of fulfilling our service commitments is a major plus for thousands of clients.

Associated Time & Parking Controls attributes our success in these markets to the technological edge and our systems integration experience. Modern Time and Attendance and solutions not only control payroll, revenue and financial statistics, but also reduce operating overhead to maximize your net income. Associated Time & Parking Controls provides solutions ranging from fully automated, SQL based, centralized servers, “Pay-on-foot” systems, to conventional exit cashiering systems, all tailored to meet specific requirements. These systems can be further enhanced through Associated Time & Parking Controls complete line of software products, which connect parking facilities to a host computer via the Internet or direct VPN connection. Our systems provide useful, consolidated, revenue and financial data through a comprehensive set of management reports generated by our software.