Attendance Enterprise

With Attendance Enterprise, you can optimize employee resources, efficiently allocate labor, increase productivity and lower labor costs.

Calculate and maintain accurate attendance records
Attendance Enterprise handles all of your time and attendance needs… automating pay stipulations of complex labor contracts, maintaining unassailable wage and hour records, and ensuring compliance with federal regulations such as FMLA.

Integrate technology and information seamlessly
Achieve maximum flexibility with remote PC, wireless and card data input; integration with existing HR databases; flexible payroll system interfaces; complete scheduling functions; automated pay rule calculations and more.

Empower employees through the web
Employees can track their time cards and their benefits online—even request time off. Attendance Enterprise’s Employee Self Service empowers employees while reducing workload for HR. With Manager Self Service, managers can access the system through a company network or via the web.

Attendance Enterprise Collection Devices

Our collection devices are designed to work seamlessly with Attendance Enterprise time management system to record employee hours or to control access. From biometrics to web-based kiosks, InfoTronics offers a wide variety of hardware to fit your time keeping needs.

IntelliTouch 7000

IntelliTouch™ – View Documentation

The IntelliTouch puts information right at employees’ fingertips and encourages them to be responsible for their time and attendance record. Miss a punch? The clock asks for a correction the next time they use it. Use the touch screen to type in an explanation. Accountability and communication—it’s about time. More than a timestamp. It’s tracking employees in motion. What sets the IntelliTouch apart is its smart, adaptive behavior. The high definition touch screen and intuitive icons alert employees and supervisors to the action required next.
If you missed a punch… Then enter it.
If you need time off… Then request it.
If you want to know your schedule or vacation balance… Then review it.
Employees have open access to their time and attendance information freeing up
Payroll and HR resources for other important activities.


HandPunch™View Documentation
The InfoTronics HandPunch™ eliminates time card fraud (“buddy punching”) by bringing all the flexibility of a full-function time and attendance terminal with the sophistication of the most accurate identification technology available. Using field-proven hand geometry biometric technology, the HandPunch uses the size and shape of each employee’s hand to verify their identity each time they punch.



HandPunch GT-400™View Documentation
The industry’s most reliable biometric just got better The HandPunch® GT-400 brings the flexibility of a full-function time and attendance terminal together with the sophistication of the most robust verification technology available. To eliminate employees from punching in for one another, the HandPunch GT-400 uses the size and shape of your employee’s hand to verify their identity each time they punch. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized ensuring the privacy of each user.


idpunch-7IDpunch 7View Documentation
The IDpunch 7 time recorder is a simple, low-cost way to gather employee In and Out punches and perform many employee and supervisor functions using a PIN or badge entry. IDpunch 7 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low-cost, reliable time clock with multiple-function keys.


3100_finger_readerI.T. 3100 Intelligent TerminalsView Documentation
The I.T. 3100 is the latest time recorder in the Intelligent Terminal series. Employees, supervisors, and the entire organization stay connected by collecting labor data right at the source— the time clock. The I. T. 3100 provides ATM style function keys, multiple reader options and can withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Employees punch In and Out and perform other advanced time and attendance actions using a badge, PIN, or their finger template.



Employee Self Service MobileView Documentation
Smart, Adaptive, Mobile Employee Self Service (ESS) Mobile  is adaptive—the employee’s home screen changes based on what the employee needs to do and how the employee works. Different types of employees have different time tracking needs. ESS Mobile is a single app that presents different options to different employees based on employee permissions.



Manager MobileView Documentation
Whether on the road or at work, supervisors aren’t always at their desks. Manager Mobile provides them with real-time notification using mobile phone alert settings – vibration, sound, badge-letting supervisors take action, no matter where they are.




Incidents & Points Module

The average annual cost to U.S. employers of unexcused absenteeism is measured in the millions of dollars. This paper outlines the direct and indirect costs organizations face as a result of unscheduled absenteeism. The paper also summarizes the benefits employers gain from the fully integrated “Incidents & Points” module for Attendance Enterprise™ time and attendance software from InfoTronics. The Incidents & Points module gives organizations real-time points calculations for fair and accurate enforcement of absence management policies, and is designed with the flexibility to support a virtually limitless number of management attendance policies.

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Budgeting Labor Costs with Time & Attendance

Managers are repeatedly encouraged to control labor costs. Aside from limiting worked hours, how can managers accomplish that goal? It is important to budget the appropriate labor acceptable for a project or department and also to meet those budgets through careful scheduling and reporting. A labor analytics tool like Attendance Enterprise Budgets can help decision-makers track compliance with defined labor budgets. Budget statistics from Attendance Enterprise add enormous value across your organization.

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Automating Benefit Accruals

For many organizations, employee time-off policies have grown increasingly complex — a key improvement for employees seeking flexible paid leave arrangements. However, these policies pose a substantial challenge to human resources departments that must now design and manage a variety of plan types. Attendance Enterprise from InfoTronics, Inc. can be configured to automatically track employee earned benefit time– in real time. This paper looks at the advantages of implementing Attendance Enterprise, including the cost savings and streamlined operations associated with automating the granting, validation, and calculation of accruals and leave.

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Leave Management

Automate employee time off requests, eliminating the paperwork and communicating essential information to both the manager and the employee.

  • Employees can check whether co-workers are scheduled off before they request leave in Employee Self Service.
  • Employees click a button to make a leave request and can include a note to the supervisor.
  • Supervisors get dashboard and email notification of leave requests.
  • Supervisors see leave balances and department coverage information when evaluating leave requests.
  • Supervisors click a button to approve, deny, or change the leave request and can include a note to the employee.
  • Employees are notified of request approval, denial, or changes through email and Employee Self Service.
  • Approved leave is added to the employee’s schedule.

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